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Al Jadriya, Iraq

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Calar, Iraq

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44, female, Single

Schweinfurt, Germany

Hello well i want to tell you a bit of Rubby 33yrs and I am generally an optimistic person with a sense of humor, fairly easy-going, and I don't think that I'm too critical about things, but I also believe that it takes two people contributing to a relationship to make it work.As I mentioned earlier, I like to do things with the other significant person in my life, but I also encourage him to go out and spend time with friends and pursue his own interests and hobbies as well....I believe that time spent apart helps keep things fresh in a relationship and makes the time we do spend together even better. I'm not one who cheats in a relationship; one man is enough trouble ; I don't have the time or energy to juggle 2, 3, or 4 at the same time - haha. But I also want to be in a relationship where I can totally trust the other person and not well on how the relationship is not working... I do not expect a man to be a servant to me, spending all his time working and and cleaning; I believe there is give and take in a relationship, and I realize that at times it's more convenient for me to do laundry, cook, clean, and I have no problem doing that. I consider myself to be a fairly honest and truthful person and expect the same in return; I'm not wealthy and don't expect someone to attempt to deceive me or "play" me.Everybody makes mistakes and I usually give people the benefit of the doubt, but if the same pattern keeps emerging, it's over. I do not want to meet someone who may think that they will take advantage of me or lie to me and cheat on me under false pretenses. Sorry if that sounds harsh, and I'm not accusing anybody of any wrongdoing, but I'm being upfront and honest about that, so you know where I stand from the beginning.With all due respect as well, I hope that you are upfront and honest with me, as well.. I am valuable about my exterior appearance, about my body. I do not like when you compliment me about my aspect with jokes. I like and sometimes e

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55, male, Single

Chicago, United States

single never married want to meet my special lady to make alife with

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43, male, Single

Talat Sai, Thailand

I am a an active man.I work on internet. I loves to travel. Otherwise,. I miss a partner in life. Write to me, ask if there are any questions. I'm not so good at writing about myself. I like to Meet a normal girl. I love to meet girl who work normal job.I looking for friends to.If you have baby its ok, if you not have its ok. I have 1 kid in Norway. I not want more. I looking for true love. I hope some one are out ther for me...I not smoke, I not want lady smoke..

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34, female, Divorced

Nordman, United States

I like to work out, meet new people, go on adventures, hang out with friends and family, and help people, which is why I am an luz

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80, male, Divorced

Milano, Italy

I am am an average but not obvious guy, long haul traveler, curious of life and people, attracted by femininity in general. Love reading, thinking and doing things, expecially open air activities (golf, motorbiking) but also intimacy of souls and bodies with the right person.I'll arrive in Cambodia (Phnom Penh) on may 9th and would like to meet a local lady for company, sightseeing and some travel through the country (Kampong Cham, Siem Reap).No expectations at all, just ready to be surprised.

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